Why Are We All Afraid Of Fever?

Do We Really Understand What Fever Is?

Fever Is Abnormal Elevation Of Body Temperature. But Then, What Is Normal Body Temperature?

As per standard definition axial temperature of 97.4 to 99°F is normal body temperature. So a body temperature of above 99.5°F is considered as fever.

Ideally, a rectal temperature should be taken in infants but since it is of discomfort to child, we prefer to take axillary temperature using the digital thermometer.


Fever can be presenting sign of many illnesses like infections, autoimmune disorders, cancers, hormonal imbalances etc.

The most common cause of fever in both children and adults is infection which can be due to any organism like viruses, bacteria or protozoa, among these, viral fever are most common.

So What To Do If Your Child Has Fever?

If the child has temperature between 99.5° to 102.2°F, there are no other symptoms serious symptoms like difficulty in eating or breathing, lethargy, dullness or drowsiness,  persistent vomiting etc, then give weight appropriate dose of paracetamol and plenty of liquids. If the child eats well is playful in between febrile episodes has no serious symptoms as mentioned above then you can continue this till you are able to visit your pediatrician. Giving weight appropriate paracetamol is important. Child should be drinking enough liquids that he can pass urine every 2 to 3 hours.

But, if child has any serious symptoms as mentioned above then visit your pediatrician immediately or nearby hospital.

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