My baby has not started walking/talking yet…!!!

Hi friends!

It’s been a really long that I shared anything with you. I got busy raising my baby who is now 15 months old!!

Also we got a very unexpected and eventful last yea. So, as we step in this next year I thought of connecting with you all again!!

Many parents come to my clinic with their children of various ages and ask why their baby has not yet achieved the age appropriate milestones!!! ( I won’t go in details of the actual age-wise milestones as internet is full of those who want to know.)

I would rather like to talk about why we need to check those mile stones. Regularly following the milestones tells you the development of the baby. And yes, it is good to be concerned if your child is not achieving those milestones and discuss with your pediatrician, who after examination can tell you whether you should worry or not. If the doctor says it is of concern then do as he/she says, but, if he/she tell you not to worry then DON’T WORRY!!

I would also like to mention that no milestone has a pinpoint age, it’s usually an age range of few months!!

My 15 months old has just started walking without support while my daughter, who is 10 years old now started walking when she was 10 months!! So in the last few months I realized why parents are so apprehensive. I was not concerned at all as I, being a pediatrician, watched his growth and development and understood he is doing fine for his age but rest of the family is a completely different story. I have been bombarded with all the questions of has he started walking, or when will he, or why not yet!!!!

We especially in India live in closely knit families where everyone is concerned for us so they ask questions but they don’t realize that these questions might increase your stress. They are just being a loving and caring family.

So, I would say trust your doctor, if need be take a second opinion, and learn to deal with questions from others!!

Hope you enjoy your child’s growing up!!

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