What should you eat if you are feeding the baby?

Hey friends!

If you’re reading this blog that means you or someone close to you has had a baby recently.

So congratulations!!!

There are various myths associated with caring for and rearing a newborn in our society. So in my blog today I have tried to cover the myths and facts regarding the diet of a Lactating (feeding) mother.

Myth number one – If the mother eats or drinks something cold or chilled food, the baby will catch a cold or fever.


 The temperature of food that the mother consumes does not affect the health of the baby. The mother can consume curd, coconut water, and fresh juices without any worry. Soft drinks or cold drinks are not healthy for anyone, so these should be avoided.

Myth number two  – If the mother drinks too much water then her abdominal fat will increase.


Drinking water can never increase your weight or inches around your waist. In fact, drinking ample amounts of water ensures a good amount and good quality of breast milk production. It will also help the mother to be energetic and healthy.

Myth number three  – Mother should eat a very restricted diet like daliya, moong dal, lauki(bottle gourd),  milk etc


Mother can eat anything she likes to eat. 

The diet of a mother should be a balanced diet and it should contain –

  1. Carbohydrates like wheat or rice in the form of roti, suji, daliya, pulao, etc.
  2. Proteins like all types of Dals, chole, rajma
  3. Fats like ghee, coconut oil, and groundnut oil should be kept low and other oils should be avoided.
  4. Vitamins and minerals – For this, there should be 2 to 3 servings of any seasonal fruit and vegetables. The mother should eat All types of green leafy vegetables in the form of salads or cooked vegetables or stuffed parathans.

Apart from this, she can eat junk foods occasionally, occasionally being the highlight.

All in all, it is important to ensure that the mother eats enough calories in her diet along with the balance of other nutrients.

She should eat a diet that keeps her and the baby healthy.

There are only a few things that should be eliminated like alcohol consumption, too much caffeine, tobacco, or any other kind of addictive drugs.

If you have any more doubts or confusion regarding the diet during the lactation period then please drop a question on the blog, Facebook, or Instagram page.

Happy motherhood!!!

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