Nurturing my newborn

Hello friends!! Today, we are going to discuss a little about nurturing and caring for the newborn baby who has just arrived!! Feeding the newborn A newborn baby should be given breastfeeding as soon as possible after birth. The amount of breast milk is less in the first few days but the milk is thick […]

Constipation…. how big is the trouble???

Constipation is a common and increasing problem in all age groups. Passing less than 4 stools per week or passing very hard stools even though 3-4 times a day with difficulty in passing stools is known as constipation. Breastfed infants usually pass 3 to 4 soft stools every day, but it may vary upto passing […]


A newborn baby should be given breastfeeding as soon as possible after birth. If breast feed is given immediately after birth, it is shown to regularize baby’s temperature, increase breast milk output, soothes baby and also helps mother relieve the pain and stress of delivery. The amount of breast milk is less in the first […]

What and when to give top feeds to my baby?

It’s great to know that your baby is growing healthy and fast. If you are already thinking of top feeds that implies your baby is already 5-6 months of age. Is she not…..??? Then wait….. As per the doctors around the world the best age to start complementary feeding is 5-6months. What is complementary feeding? […]

My baby has not started walking/talking yet…!!!

Hi friends! It’s been a really long that I shared anything with you. I got busy raising my baby who is now 15 months old!! Also we got a very unexpected and eventful last yea. So, as we step in this next year I thought of connecting with you all again!! Many parents come to […]

What should you eat if you are feeding the baby?

Hey friends! If you’re reading this blog that means you or someone close to you has had a baby recently. So congratulations!!! There are various myths associated with caring for and rearing a newborn in our society. So in my blog today I have tried to cover the myths and facts regarding the diet of […]


We spend a lot of time on our eye-makeup: perfectly winged eyeliner, smokey eye shadow and the perfect touch of mascara! But have you ever thought how much bacteria your brushes and pencils would have, and worse the potential damage they could cause your eyes ? Here’s a set of tips to ensure that your […]

6 Best Eye Care Tips For This Summer

The reality of global warming and climate change means summers are getting warmer with every passing year. There is no escape from the scorching sun this time as well. While you do everything possible to protect your skin from the harsh sun rays, Dr. Pranay Singh one of the Best Eye Surgeon in Indore believes […]

5 Signs You Need To Visit An Eye-Specialist Right Now

Everyone needs to treat eye examinations as important as blood pressure checks or visits to the dentist. The common rule of thumb to be followed is annual visits when you are in your twenties and bi-annual visits during your thirties. In your forties and later, customize your visits after consultation from an eye-specialist in Indore. […]

The Essentials Of Eye Health Care For Your Child

Eye check-ups of children are appointments that are often ignored or rescheduled until your child experiences significant difficulty in vision. Initially, checks by the pediatrician are sufficient, but if there is a family history of eye problems, then visits to the ophthalmologist are mandatory. An eye exam is essential before your child joins the school […]

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